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Conservation Photography Workshop

Sunday, 5th Nov 2017 9:30am - 4:00pm
WWT Arundel Wetland Centre
01903 881530
Want to tell the broader story of conservation with your camera beyond just photos of the wildlife? Join Ben Cherry who was part of the award winning Flight of The Swans project last year which followed the migration of Bewick's swans from Russia back to the UK. Ben will go through case studies with engaging theory exercises in the morning. The workshop will then move outside to explore WWT Arundel to document the efforts of conservationists who ensure the reserve flourishes.

Are you passionate about the natural world and already have an active interest in photography, but want to develop more thought provoking imagery? During this full day workshop Ben Cherry, an award winning environmental photojournalist, will highlight the importance of conservation photography for raising awareness of wildlife. Many of his examples will be from the news headline grabbing WWT Flight of The Swans expedition.
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