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A Winter’s Trail

Saturday, 30th Nov 2019 10:00am - 3:00pm
Free to enter venues
From Saturday 30th November to just before Christmas, Arundel artists and galleries open their doors to show a wide range of artwork including paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and textiles.

Opening times vary with the galleries opening most days as normal but other venues in artist studios and houses will be open at different times (and by appointment). The Arundel Gallery Trail website ( and social media feeds (Twitter @ArundelArtTrail and Instagram @arundelgallerytrail) provide all the details and how to contact each venue and artist taking part.

Most of the venues will be open during Arundel by Candlelight on Saturday 7th as well as Sunday 8th December.

Established professional artists such as Piers Ottey, Andy Waite, Frances Knight and Josse Davis open their studios, other artists find space in homes and the galleries show the mix of established and emerging artists.

Visitors have come to know from regular visits to this cultural and heritage centre in the middle of the Downs that Arundel is the place to find the best and widest variety of contemporary art in Sussex.

The three contemporary art galleries taking part are Arundel Contemporary on the High Street, Gallery 57 and Zimmer Stewart Gallery, both on Tarrant Street.

Marty Lowell says “One of the best things about organising the Trail is meeting the artists and learning about their individual practices and helping to develop a closer sense of community.”

This ability to see the work and interact directly with the artist who created it is one of the main facets of the Trail that visitors like: Interaction, discussion and debate provides a greater understanding of the individual artist, their work and contemporary art in general.

Most of the work on show is available to buy, providing visitors with the opportunity to acquire original artworks from the artist or maker, start or build a collection of contemporary art.

It can be quite a leap of faith to go from admiring and appreciating an artist’s work to making a purchase. Some art lovers are impulsive and know immediately that they must have a certain artwork because it speaks to them in a deep and personal way. Others need time for a piece of work to fully sink in before they decide to commit.
The Gallery Trail allows you to experience and appreciate Arundel's uniquely rich seam of artistic talent in your own time. And whether you are simply browsing or come looking to buy, the Winter’s Trail lets you make a direct connection to the artists whose creativity inspires you.
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