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15th Century Raiders

Saturday, 25th May 2019
Arundel Castle
£11 Child; £13 Adult; £51 Family (2 adults and 3 children)
01903 882173 ext 230
Following the Wars of the Roses England is once more at peace, but King Edward IV is hatching a plan to pursue his claim to the throne of France. When the French hear Edward is planning an invasion, they seize the opportunity and begin raiding along the south coast of England.

Over the late May bank holiday weekend, 25-27 May, Arundel Castle in West Sussex will host Raiders of the 15th Century: England vs. France. The thrilling three-day siege event will treat visitors to a portrayal of a French raiding party engaging with English forces beneath the mighty Castle.

Although there was no historical siege Arundel Castle in the 15th century, this three-day will demonstrate the importance of artillery in taking a Castle with medieval gunnery demonstrations and two thrilling skirmishes each day.

Aside from the smoke and noise of the battlefield, tented encampments covering the upper grounds of the Castle will be filled with 15th century crafts, cooking, storytelling, and weapons and armour displays

10am Castle and event opens
11am Storyteller
12noon The Skirmish: England versus France
1pm Storyteller
2pm Medieval gunnery demonstration
3pm The Skirmish: England versus France
4:30pm Event closes
*Please note there will be loud noise from canon fire
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