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Come in to town and grab these special discounts from our generous community. Below each offer you will find a link to their contact details if you need them. Oh and, if you advertise with us, send us your offer and we'll list your special offer for as long as you want, for free. Yes you did read that right, for free. NB: we regularly update this page.

Arundel Pianos Relocation Sale

Arundel Pianos will be closing it’s doors in just over one month’s time after nearly three years trading.

Unfortunately aggressive online discounting together with a significant downturn in trade over the last year has worked against the profitability of the business. Therefore, with immediate effect we enter into a closing down sale with HUGE savings on all our boxed stock, display instruments, accessories and giftware.

It’s been fabulous trading in such a picturesque and historic town and meeting so many new faces. Thank you sincerely to everyone who has shopped with us, we greatly appreciate you supporting our small independent store.

All our new instruments are covered by manufacturers warranties so in the unlikely event of any issues once our store has closed, firstly, don’t worry, contact the relevant supplier directly and you will be covered for the stipulated warranty period.

Please do come to see what’s on offer and to say goodbye. We’ve really enjoyed serving you and will greatly miss Arundel and our little shop.

David Courtney, Richard Fairbrass plus Prudence and Edith the piano pugs.

For more information about offers, follow our Arundel Pianos facebook page:

Also, click on the link below to check our trading days and hours.
FINAL TRADING DAY - Sunday 26th January, 2020


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AP In Lower Than Internet Prices Shock!

ARUNDEL PIANOS - March 30th 2017 to Jan 26th 2020

The count down. Just 7 more AP trading days:

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Cleaning Delivered!

NEW FOR 2019! At All Round Arundel Domestic Services, We now offer a delivery service for eco, vegan and cruelty free cleaning products and equipment.
Get fantastic cleaning results, without the cruelty. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy their eco- friendly, animal-friendly cleaning supplies!
If you live in the Arundel, Warningcamp, Crossbush or Lyminster area- get high quality cleaning items delivered to your door which have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients.
Hand delivered to your door by local people with a passion for cleaning.
Sprays, creams, cloths, sponges and more!
We even deliver plant based milk for your coffee, tea and cereal!

Hi, we are Sara & Matt and we are proud to stock eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free products. We are a cleaning partnership that have been working in Arundel and the surrounding area for over 4 years. We actively seek cruelty-free and vegan cleaning products and hope you'd like to do the same.
Using eco friendly, cruelty free and vegan cleaning products can ellivate suffering of animals and help the environment. Get the latest news, offers and products by signing up to our newsletter on our website, there is also an order form.

We always strive to be eco -friendly, we deliver procducts in paper bags and seek greener methods for general admin and transport options.
You can email for a free brochure today!

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