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Arundel Walks

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A walk around Arundel

Distance 3 miles. Time 1 hour 15 minutes.

...but you can easily spend all day at Arundel looking around Swanbourne Lake, the Castle and the Town. This is a nice walk on a summer's evening.This walk takes you through Swanbourne Lake, past the Castle and through the streets of Arundel with its Antique Shops, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars. You will probably do the last part of the walk your own way then head uphill passing the Cathedral and returning to your car.

From the roundabout on the A27 take the A284 London Road. A short way up turn right and park your car on the right hand side. From the start cross over and take the road uphill continue on up the tarmac road, just before you reach Hiorne Tower turn right across the grass and head for a large tree on the other side. Just past the tree turn left and follow this track out into the open. Below is the end of Swanbourne Lake and to the north is the view of the valley. Carry on down this path gradually descending to the bottom of the valley. At the bottom turn right along the path heading back to the lake carry on along this path as it follows the lake all the way to the entrance gate.

Carry on down Mill Road passing the Castle on your right to the road junction by the bridge over the river Arun Cross over into the High Street then bear left into River Road follow this until Arun Road then turn right. At the next junction cross over and head up Kings Arms Hill. At the top turn left along Maltravers Street. Take the second turning on your right into Park Place. Be careful along here as it is narrow at the start of this road. Continue uphill to the junction of London Road turn left and your car is a short distance along this road.

A circular walk from Arundel across to South Stoke and returning along the river Arun

Distance 6.5 miles. Time 3 hours.

From the roundabout on the A27 take the A284 London Road. A short way up turn right and park your car on the right hand side.

From the start cross over and take the road uphill. Just before you reach Hiorne Tower turn right across the grass and head for a large tree on the other side. Just past the tree turn left and follow this track out into the open. From here you can see the point across the other side of the Park that you are heading for. Carry on down this path gradually descending to the bottom of the valley.

Head straight on and up the steep slope on your left to the stile. Carry straight ahead passing to the right of some trees and then swinging to your left for the stile in the trees. Keep going towards the long line of trees until you meet the track.

At the end of the line of trees drop down hill to your right to the gate and stile. Head downhill on the chalk track. This now swings to the right. At the bottom it swings round to the right again, bringing you to a path on your left. This drops downhill next to a fence and at the bottom you meet a wall. Go through the opening and turn to your right. The river Arun is down below you through the trees. Carry on along this path, eventually opening out on your right. At the bottom of the slope the path goes left through some trees, some farm building now come into view and you arrive at an open gravel area. Turn right and at the road turn to your left.

Follow the road round and in a short distance you arrive at point No. 4 on the map. The entrance to the church is on your right. Your path to the river is straight on. At this point on the river there is a bridge that takes you to the other side of the river and if you then turn left and follow this path it takes you in the direction of North Stoke and Houghton Bridge. But you turn right just before the river and keep to the river bank as it meanders towards Offam. Eventually leaving the river bank through some trees and out into the Black Rabbit car park Head straight on past the pub out onto the road. The Wildfowl Reserve is on the left, then Swanbourne Lake on your right. Keep on down Mill Road with the castle on your right and when you meet the cross roads by the bridge turn right up the High Street. At the top the road turns to your left passing the Cathedral on your left and then on to where you parked your car.

A walk from Burpham to Rackham Banks

Distance 8miles. Time 3 1/2 hours.

Take the turning just past Arundel railway station on the A27 to Burpham. Do not go into the village but at the beginning of the houses take the road opposite you on a sharp left hand bend. Care is needed for this as there is a large bank on your left and vision is impaired. When the road levels out and turns left park on the grass.

Walk north from start towards Peppering High Barn. Now converted to a dwelling. Take the footpath on the right by the side of the barn. Carry on up this track which is uphill all the way to Rackham Banks. Ignore all footpaths on left and right. When you reach the junction take the left hand path. Follow this path round and ignore the path on your left as the path swings round to the right. Continue on to Rackham Banks where you join the South Downs Way.

Now turn West downhill on the South Downs Way. When you see the track going round to Downs Farm the South downs Way takes the path along the fence line. This drops you down to a road where you turn right to the junction. Turn left into High Titten Lane, as you walk down this road over to your left below you is the Amberley chalk Pits Museum. At the bottom of the road cross over and turn left . Follow this path round and under the railway bridge, turning right where you can purchase refreshments whilst looking over the river Arun and Houghton Bridge

When you are ready return to the main road and cross over into Stoke Road. This turns into a tree lined road after the first few property's. At the junction turning right will take you round to North Stoke with its church. You turn left and follow this road uphill. You can now see the Arun valley line on your right as you head up the road. When you reach the next junction take the right hand path that swings round to your right and brings you back to Peppering High Barn and back to your car.

A circular walk in the Arun Valley

Distance 6 miles. Time 2½ hours.

This circular walk drops you down into the Arun Valley, through Houghton village and then along the river Arun to South Stoke. Where you cross over the river and then on to North Stoke. Joins the river again and then back to the start point.

Park in the small car park on the B2139 just down from the Whiteways car park on the Storrington road. If the car park is full go back to Whiteways car park and take the footpath on the map that leads to the start point.

From the car park take one of the gaps in the hedge onto the footpath. Turn right and head downhill. When you get to an opening, take the path on the right of the hedge and carry on downhill. A house appears on your left and you cross their drive. Follow the path down to the road. Turn left and pass the pub, at the farm building, carefully cross the road into South Lane. Head down the road to the bottom and go through the gate, and turn to your right. Follow this footpath with the river now on your left. Eventually a wall will come into sight on your right. When you reach the gate,carry straight on past it. After the gate you come out into an open field. At the bottom of the field take the path. When you reach the farm buildings keep going then take the opening you come to. Now turn sharp right. Turn left at the road and follow it round to the church,(This is South Stoke) taking the track at the end that leads you to the river. Cross over the bridge and take the stile on the left. Now walk along the river bank. At the trees take the footpath on your right. Follow the path through the trees until you reach the bridge shown,cross over and head straight ahead over to the road. Turn left and immediately right.Pass the houses on your right and take the footpath on your left. Turn left once on the bridge and cross over to the other side of the road taking the stile on the right. You now walk the river bank opposite the caravan park, passing the bridge. Follow this path to the road and turn left eventually arriving back at the main road. Turn right pass in front of the pub and take the track that you came down at the start of the walk back to your car.


Please note: With regard to dogs in the Park, it is clearly marked on signs on the entrances to the Park, “no dogs”, however dogs may enter the Park on public rights of way (footpaths) and must be under control at all times