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One of the great things about Arundel is that there are people of all ages and backgrounds choosing to live here which makes for a very diverse and warm community. We also have a very artistitic percentage of residents included in that. It's no surprise therefore that there is a constantly ebbing and growing amount of clubs and groups. 

To find details for the clubs and groups we have listed so far, take a look through the categories to the right. 

If you are starting a club or group, or know of one we have missed, please do get in contact.


"I only moved here a few years ago and already I've been warmly welcomed by one of Arundel's theatre groups (doing backstage work), sang in a local choir in the local pub and volunteered for the Arundel Festival.  I've never lived anywhere where it's been so easy and fun to get involved with the community.  I'm thinking about joining a book club next." - Alice