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The Tea and Biscuit Club

The Tea and Biscuit Club is an exciting and successful fine tea boutique shop. Today, with a unique and ever present passion for creativity and love for tea, we offer some of the finest blends of teas and herbal infusions from around the world. With over 4000 different types of premium loose-leaf teas from the finest estates, and herbal infusions from almost every continent the possibilities are endless, and we have something very special for everyone. As seasons change, our tastes change, and so do the types of teas we offer. From Christmas blends, refreshing spring flavours to floral fruits and classics for the summer, there is always a great tasting blend.

Become a member, and every month you will receive our selection of unique blends. We aim to make our members passionate and knowledgeable about the world of tea by showcasing tastes and possibilities every month and we create unique blends impossible to find anywhere else.

Come and visit us and we'll make you a cup of any blend!
Best wishes,

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