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Chichester Beekeepers

A resource for beekeepers locally, those considering keeping bees for the first time, and for interested members of the general public. We cover the southern part of West Sussex from the Hampshire border at Emsworth in the west, to Arundel in the east, although some of our members come from much further afield.

Chichester Beekeepers are a dynamic and enthusiastic Division of the West Sussex Beekeepers' Association, with nearly 150 members currently. Serving beekeepers in the south west of the county and centred on Chichester, we usually meet on the third Tuesday of every month, offering lectures, guidance and advice on a wide variety of beekeeping subjects. We offer an 8-week training course for new beekeepers, held annually in the spring with on-going practical, hands-on training at our Division apiary. We arrange specialised workshops for those beekeepers keen to develop their skills and in addition produce a lively and informative monthly Newsletter.

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