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Arundel Community Bus

The Arundel Community Bus is supplied by the West Sussex County Council for the use of Arundel community and is operated by Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport. This is a hail and ride service which runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and operates on a pre-booked route. Bus passes or cash is accepted for all journeys and only single tickets only are issued. There are no return tickets available. Current fares are 80p adult single and 45p child/concessions.

This vehicle can also be hired when not in use on the service run. To enquire about booking this vehicle please contact ACCT directly.

The Bus timetable is available to download, from our website.
lease note that times shown in red will only be operated if a return journey is requested to the driver on the day of travel. If no return journeys are required, the bus will remain at the Riverside stop available to run locally as requested, until 12:04 that day. While every effort is made to remain on time, traffic conditions may affect actual timings. <p 0px;="" line-height:="" normal;="" font-family:="" helvetica;"=""> 

See the Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport website for more information.

​Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport, slso provide the Arundel door-to-door Car Service manned by volunteers and supported by the Arundel League of Friends Scheme. See here for details.

Registered Charity No. 1081025

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