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Arun Business Partnership

The Arun Business Partnership is your Partnership. Controlled by you, the local business leaders, the Partnership’s sole reason for existence is to help you increase your trade, learning and local networks.

And, unlike other organisations, the fact that you operate in the Arun area means that you are an important part of the Partnership – there are no fees to pay, no commitments required.

If you’re familiar with the way the Partnership operates, then you can skip the next section. Should you be new to the area or haven’t been involved in meetings or initiatives, now is your chance to see what your business has been missing.

In the beginning was the Littlehampton Business Partnership, established to bring local businesses together for the common good. After four years of productive networking and learning, the Partnership expanded to include Bognor Regis. Each side of the Partnership met separately twice a year, with joint meetings being held every six months.

In December 2006, Arundel officially joined the Partnership and the full Arun Business Partnership was born. Facilitated by the Economic Development Team from Arun District Council, Partnership meetings have no formal structure or agenda – they deal with the issues of the moment that are important to you.

Through the Partnership, strategic links have been made with local education providers, companies and private/public sector organisations that can help you to achieve your goals. From training events to information dissemination, contact building to contract signing, the Business Partnership facilitates you building your business in the way you want and need it to grow.

Should you need any more persuading as to the veracity of the Business Partnership’s worth, one local company can attest to pulling in over £750,000 worth of extra contracts just through the Partnership network – and many others will have similar success stories.

The Partnership also holds regular events to bring businesses together in a more formal ‘roadshow’ setting, as well as bringing them face to face with their consumers. There is no better way of networking and raising your company profile.

Most of our events are free, sometimes there’s a small cost but we’ll let you know that well in advance. Why not give it a try?

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