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Get involved - Arundel Neighbourhood Plan | Blog

Get involved - Arundel Neighbourhood Plan

(Arundel Community Networking Bulletin 30th March 2018)

The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - Get Involved

Neighbourhood Plans play an important role in deciding whether planning applications should be approved or refused. They contribute to decision-making on issues like:
  • affordable housing and new building,
  • retaining shops, businesses and services,
  • conserving our heritage and
  • improving public transport.
The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan (2014) was one of the first in England, and is regularly consulted by our local planning authorities, including Arun District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority. But planning documents need to be refreshed every five years or so to remain relevant, and since Arundel's was adopted, some of the legal and planning framework has changed - so it's time for an update.


An Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee has been formed by Arundel Town Council to consult and update the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan. For it to be properly useful and relevant, it is important that local residents, businesses and organisations are involved in the process of updating the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Committee will be forming 'task groups' and holding meetings during April, May & June to gauge residents' views on Housing, Business, Social Interaction, Environment and Transport, and how they will affect different parts of the town.

James Stewart, chair of the Committee says, "We are looking for residents of all ages, working or non-working, from all parts of the town to join a task group. We expect they will meet in convenient places in the town on three or four evenings over those three months."

If you would like to be part of a task group, you can contact the Steering Group via its website: or on Facebook, here. You can also read more about the updating process and download relevant documents, including a copy of the existing Plan.