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Update on the Campaign for an "In-Town" Pharmacy in Arundel | Blog

Update on the Campaign for an "In-Town" Pharmacy in Arundel

Update On The Campaign For An "In-Town" Pharmacy In Arundel

"I attended the meeting of The Health and Wellbeing Board in Horsham on January 25th. The good news regarding the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is that following a final total of around seventy responses, Arundel is well and truly mentioned in the final version approved by the Board. However, the criteria the PNA Steering Group work to when it comes to travelling to a local pharmacy, as set out in a Department of Health document published 10 years ago, are as follows, and I quote from the Report : The PNA Steering Group Responses to Arundel Comments : The NHS findings were taken into consideration when defining a reasonable travel criteria of 20 minutes (travel time) and 6 miles ( travel distance ) by car or public transport for the PNA. Travel time and distance: The PNA identifies that the current pharmacy in Arundel meets this criteria as it is within a 15 minute drive time, 20 minute walking times and within 2 miles travel distance by car or public transport. Visitor and tourist numbers: Pharmaceutical services available in Arundel are for both visitors and residents alike and the same criteria apply. Choice : There is reasonable choice of pharmaceutical services in the Arun locality. Considering the 6 mile radius, there are numerous pharmacies in nearby towns such as Angmering and Littlehampton providing reasonable choice to Arundel residents. Quality of services : The scope of the PNA does not cover the quality of services provided. Any complaints in regards to quality of service provided will be passed on to NHS England, who are responsible for contractual arrangements. The criteria above results in the PNA conclusion that Arundel has sufficient cover. It is obvious that this goes against our Campaign aims. In our view, the specified travel times and distances are far too broad. The PNA however is restricted by these “one size for all” guidelines, which apply for every PNA that takes place in every county in the Country. Hence the Steering Group’s responses to Arundel residents’ comments. We have always believed that Arundel is a “Special Case” and there are many genuine reasons as to why an “In-Town” Pharmacy “, as well as the existing one, is needed and we believe, would work. The criteria may look reasonable to some on paper but as the 3000 plus who signed the Petition know, in reality they don’t work for Arundel. Our case has been well and truly demonstrated throughout the Campaign, thanks to all the wonderful support we have received from residents and visitors alike. By being included in the published PNA Report, we can but hope that a Pharmaceutical company will read it and pick up on Arundel’s need and perhaps think about it as a serious possibility. The Travel and Distance criteria do not prohibit any interested party from applying for a contract. In the end it is only they who can bring it about by making that business decision, providing of course the NHS then agree to give them a contract. Still many “ifs” and “buts”. We hope that we have succeeded in doing everything that could be done to make the case. There have been those along the way who have either opposed The Campaign or said an “In-Town” Pharmacy will never happen or get off the ground. They may yet be proved right, but It hasn’t deterred us. We will just have to wait and see but we do know that we have given it our very best shot. At the meeting I was also able to mention the recent introduction of charges by Lloyds Arundel for Home Delivery of Prescriptions.- £60 for a year or £35 for six months. Delivery charges are not something covered by the PNA. However, some of the Board Members expressed surprise over this and felt the Board should perhaps look into possible ways of helping people who can’t afford it or have difficulty arranging for someone to collect their prescriptions. We’ll see what happens.

Our Sincere Thanks go to all who gave us such wonderful support, we couldn’t have managed, and got this far, without you."

​Colin Stepney and June Barker

The section of the PNA relating to Arundel can be found at :
Towards the end you’ll find The Appendices : pages A47 – A52 refer to Arundel