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OneArundel - February Newsletter | Blog

OneArundel - February Newsletter

On Friday 9 Feb Highways England issued a Press Release giving updated details of a number of road schemes in the South East, and we were hoping that this would include a Ministerial decision about the route of the proposed Arundel Bypass. Unfortunately this was not so.

This is disappointing news and will not be well received by our many supporters. However, please be patient, as it simply indicates a delay rather than a negative decision.

Predictably, HE received far more responses to their public consultation exercise than they originally expected and, because of this, they are still reviewing the position. Indeed, we understand that HE may need to have further discussions with the DfT during the next few weeks before making any announcement, and that it may therefore still be a while before we can expect any announcement.

In fact, in view of the environmental problems involved, as well as the totally negative approach taken by the South Downs National Park Authority in its consultation response this is not an unexpected situation, so there is - at present - no need to relapse into “conspiracy theory” mode.

For the moment therefore OneArundel remains confident that our support of Route Option 5A has every chance of success, especially as it is so strongly supported by Arundel Town Council, Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council amongst many others.

In the meantime, for those who might like to rehearse the arguments for and against the various Route Options, you will find a link to our response to the HE consultation on the ”Home” page of the OneArundel website.

Finally, a belated Happy New Year to everyone.