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OneArundel - October Newsletter I | Blog

OneArundel - October Newsletter I

Decision Time – Please Tell Highways England What You Think

After all the debates during the past 6 weeks, we now need to respond to the Highways England consultation exercise and tell them our individual views.

The purpose of this Newsletter is therefore to ask you, if you have not done so already, to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to do so before 16 October.

There are a variety of ways in which you can respond to Highways England:

  • By completing the paper copy of the HE consultation questionnaire and submitting it by post.
  • By completing the online copy of the HE consultation questionnaire and submitting it electronically
  • By writing a letter to HE and posting it to: A27 Arundel Bypass, Highways England, Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LZ
  • By writing an e-mail message to HE and sending it to:

We are aware that many people may find the written and electronic copies of the consultation questionnaire difficult to fill-in, and therefore strongly recommend that, instead, you consider sending HE an e-mail message setting out your views. The important thing is not to be put off by any difficulties that you may encounter with the HE Form.

As far as the content of your response is concerned, there are two important questions to be answered. These are:

  • Does Arundel need a bypass?
  • Which of the three Highways England Options is the best?

You will recall that our views about the need for the Bypass were set out in August Newsletter IV. We reviewed Option 1 in September Newsletter I, and we reviewed Options 3 and 5A in September Newsletter II.

The net result of which is that we strongly support the Government’s proposal to build an off-line dual carriageway bypass on the A27 at Arundel, and that our preferred route – and the best for Arundel - is Option 5A which would take the bypass along the southern edge of the South Downs National Park north of the hamlet of Binsted.

So, bearing in mind the position that we have taken regarding the need for a bypass and the best route (Option 5A), we hope that all our many supporters in Arundel, and from further afield, will not miss this unique opportunity to tell Highways England just what they think. 

There is a temptation to produce a standard response for people to send to HE but, if this was done, even multiple responses would simply be treated as a single input and therefore diminish the strength of our collective views. 

Please therefore could each and every one of you produce your own individual response to Highways England, whilst perhaps making use of some of the reasons that we have set out in our earlier Newsletters. In the meantime, OneArundel will of course be submitting a corporate response on behalf of us all.

Finally, as we keep saying, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find an effective solution to the traffic congestion on the A27 at Arundel, and it should not be missed.