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Update on "The Campaign For An "In-Town" Chemist/Pharmacy In Arundel" | Blog

Update on "The Campaign For An "In-Town" Chemist/Pharmacy In Arundel"

Here is the latest update on "The Campaign For An "In-Town" Chemist/Pharmacy In Arundel" Over 3,000 people sign the Arundel Town Chemist/Pharmacy Petition! Well we did it! Our last appearance at the Arundel Farmers Market last Saturday, took us over our 3,000 target. Infact the final number was 3174. So a VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who signed. Our presence at the Farmers Market each month has given us a fantastic platform from which to tell people about what we are trying to achieve and our campaign would not have been as successful without the tremendous support we have received from so many businesses in the town. No matter who you talk to everyone says the same – Local residents feel completely embarrassed when stopped by a visitor to the town who needs a chemist. Virtually impossible to explain that it’s … ‘over the other side of the A27, then up this road and down that road and then turn left’. Neither is it really walkable from the town. So many visitors come by train or coach, so have no way of getting to the Pharmacy at the Doctors surgery. For those locals who do not live on the ‘other side of the A27’, then it usually means getting in the car and driving there. But for elderly people who either no longer drive or have mobility issues, they are completely reliant on neighbours or friends to help them. And whilst we live in a computer and internet age, many elderly people are not familiar with I.T. and so wouldn’t even contemplate ordering their prescriptions ‘on line’. We have one final request of our supporters! The Consultation Survey, which is short, on the Draft Report of The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is now available on line to complete. Please go to: https:/ That provides an opportunity for everyone to give their views at any of the open-ended questions. The survey finishes on November 5th. This is the LAST opportunity for us to make our case. We hope that everyone who has supported our campaign will also take part in this Survey, and explain in their own words the need, and the reasons for, an ‘In Town’ Pharmacy/Chemist for Arundel. We have a huge battle ahead, but we are determined to make our voice heard! We’re not just a town of 3,400 odd residents. From Easter to October our numbers swell enormously, and its vitally important that Arundel as a major tourist destination provides all the necessary facilities that visitors should be able to expect. At our request, we have recently been invited by the West Sussex Health And Wellbeing Board to make a five minute presentation on our concerns, followed by ten minutes for questions and discussions, at their next meeting on November 6th. We continue to stress that our aim is NOT to replace the existing pharmacy but to have a second situated in the Town itself. For further information please contact Colin Stepney