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OneArundel - September News III | Blog

OneArundel - September News III

This is a short but important Newsletter to remind you all where OneArundel stands as far as the Bypass Options are concerned, and to urge all those of our supporters who live in Arundel to do your best to attend the meeting in St Nicholas Church on Monday 25 September.

The two important questions to be answered are:

   - ​Does Arundel need a bypass?
   - Which of the three Options is the best?

The Three Options set out in the Highways England Consultation Document are:

Option 1 – through the town via the Ford Road roundabout

Option 3 – The 1993 pink/blue route through Tortington Common

Option 5A – Along the southern edge of the SDNP north of Binsted 

Having addressed the question of whether or not Arundel needs a Bypass (in August Newsletter IV), which it surely does, and having reviewed and dismissed Option 1 (in September Newsletter I), we reviewed Options 3 and 5A (in September Newsletter II) and, as you know, we believe that Option 5A is best for Arundel.

Whilst we are sure where we stand on this important issue, Arundel Town Council has yet to decide its view and, in order to help it do so, it has arranged the Parish Meeting in St Nicholas Church on Monday 25 September at 7.00 pm for Arundel residents to have their say and to ask questions about the bypass proposals.

It is however clear that the noisy minority of anti-bypass campaigners may seek to dominate the meeting.

So, bearing in mind the position that we have taken regarding the need for a bypass and the best Option (5A), we believe that it is essential that as many as possible of those of us who live in Arundel do your very best to attend the meeting and say your piece, thereby ensuring that the Town Council is well aware of the majority view in support of the bypass and which route should be chosen.

Finally, as we have said before, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find an effective solution to the traffic congestion on the A27 at Arundel, and it would be a shame to miss it. 
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