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Friday 19th May 2017: A round-up of views on Arundel A27 development

We're all going to be asked our views on development of the A27 through and around Arundel by the end of the summer.

Highways England has announced that it will consult publicly on its A27 Arundel Bypass project this summer. It says:

"The Arundel section of the A27 lacks road and junction capacity. As a result it suffers from congestion, particularly junctions at Crossbush, The Causeway and Ford Road. Planned growth along the wider A27 corridor is likely to worsen the problem and at present there’s no proposal for public transport provision that would have a positive impact on traffic levels. This scheme aims to reduce congestion through Arundel by means of a new dual carriageway bypass. The bypass would link together the two existing dual carriageway sections of the A27 either side of Arundel. We are also assessing alternative options including online junction improvements. These proposals are subject to consultation with the National Parks Authority, Local Government and the public."

Arundel Town Council has long been in favour of bypass development, specifically the 'pink-blue' route. In a statement on its website from March 2017 it says: 

"The last time this Council voted on the A27 Bypass was over 15 years ago, this new council’s position is that a bypass is needed for Arundel to eliminate severance, reduce pollution and allow traffic to move passed the town freely. The current preferred route is the pink/blue route and we await options to be published later this year and the ensuing consultation at which time a new position may be reached by Arundel Town Council.”

But not all local residents agree. Below is a round-up of five of the most active groups debating the issue. 

ABNC - Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee

Strapline: Improve Sussex Transport AND Protect the Rural Environment

"What West Sussex needs from the A27 is not the great increase in induced traffic that comes with the expressway standard approach. We just need the pinch points that cause unacceptable queuing to be resolved with a very short new bypass that does the minimum damage to the countryside."

Arundel A27 Forum

Strapline: A network seeking long term solutions to A27 and other transport issues at Arundel

"The Arundel A27 Forum is a network of organisations and individuals aiming to protect Arundel’s countryside and neighbouring villages, homes and businesses, whilst improving transport and access. The Forum’s preferred A27 route option is a short bypass on the new Single Purple route, rather than further offline dual carriageway options being considered by Highways England (HE)."

Arundel SCATE

Strapline: Better Roads, Not Bigger

"A group of residents and businesses looking for more advanced and less destructive transport choices for the area. We oppose plans for an A27 dual carriageway, but aim for better value, improved access through a mix of measures including road improvements, walking and cycling infrastructure and public transport investment."

One Arundel

Strapline: Campaign for an offline A27 Arundel Bypass

"We are a group of like-minded individuals who support the essential and long-overdue proposal for the building of an off-line, dual carriageway A27 Arundel Bypass, and we welcome the Government’s commitment to its early provision."

Tortington Local Community

Strapline: A rural Sussex parish responds to encroaching roads, pollution and the destruction of the English countryside

"We at Tortington Local Community are 100% committed to a vast improvement to our local roads, to traffic congestion and to traffic flow. But we are also committed to seeking a value for money solution that protects the natural environment in the Arun Valley."

Please note: Views expressed above are those of the groups credited, with text taken from their public-facing websites, and do not affect the impartiality of Arundel Community Partnership. All groups have consented to inclusion, with the exception of Arundel A27 Forum, who had not responded to our request at the time of publication.